NCSOFT Rolls Out The Second Beta For Battle Crush On Android

By admin Mar21,2024

Battle Crush is a new action-packed title by NCSOFT that’s starting its second beta test, which goes live today (March 21). The beta is going global, reaching an impressive list of 97 countries! FYI, they had their pre-registration going since February 21. If you haven’t had a chance to learn about the game, keep reading our scoop!

Battle Crush On Android

This second round of beta test is going down on Android and Steam for PC gamers. So, from today until March 28th, you can hop on to the beta test, and leave some insightful feedback for the makers.

By the way, Battle Crush on Android had its first beta test in October 2023 in 25 countries across North America, Europe and Southeast Asia. Thanks to that, the devs have been tinkering away, making the game better for round two.

To get in on the beta test of Battle Crush on Android, just go to the official website. Or head over to the Google Play Store directly which will get you zipped right off to the download page. Sign up, and you’re all set to dive in. Meanwhile, why don’t you take a look at the game below to find out if it’s up your alley?

What’s The Game About?

Battle Crush is a battle royale game that lets you fight against 29 other players. Your heroes, known as Calixer, are vibrant Gods that come in all sizes, shapes and colours. To fight off the evil, you can choose one among Poseidon, Diana, the one-eyed Lops, Dandi, Seri and more.

Battle Crush on Android lets you use various skills that pack a punch, like quick Light Attacks, strong Heavy Attacks and Dodge Attacks. Look out for treasure chests to get stronger, and find items that can give you an edge.

So, will you be signing up for the Battle Crush beta test on Android? Meanwhile, check out our news Shatter Town Halls and Score Big In The Clash of Clans Rubble Rumble Event!

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