Warrior Cats The Hunt Guide – Where To Find The Hidden Eggs!

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Nothing says ‘Easter’ like a good old fashioned egg hunt. In our Warrior Cats The Hunt guide, we’ll show you how to finish one, and earn a badge in the process.

Warrior Cats, now in its Ultimate Edition, is a Roblox role-playing game where players become cats. Exploring a rich natural world and interacting with other cats, it provides an interesting alternative to the traditional lifestyle-based RP games we tend to see on the platform. It also features some new content for Roblox’s The Hunt: First Edition event, specifically an egg hunt. If you’re having trouble tracking them all down, then this is the guide for you.

Warrior Cats is available to play on Roblox right now. If you’re itching for more The Hunt badges, check out out Berry Avenue The Hunt guide and our Pull A Sword The Hunt guide.

Warrior Cats The Hunt Guide

In order to claim The Hunt badge for Warrior Cats, you need to start by joining a specific server known as The Frozen Hunt. you can access this via the game’s main menu for the duration of the event. Jump in, either create a cat or load a preset, and you’re ready to go.

You’ll be placed in a dark mine shaft to start with, and given the task of collecting 11 hidden eggs. You can check your progress in this task by clicking on ‘The Hunt’ tab on the right-hand side of the screen. Collecting eggs gives you points, which in turn give you rewards, one of which is The Hunt badge for the game.

Finding The Eggs

Unlike a traditional egg hunt, the eggs here aren’t found in specific locations but rather are spawned in randomly, so we can’t guide you to them directly. Instead, we can only advise that you explore every inch of the map, which includes an expansive outdoor section, thoroughly.

The eggs are easy to spot thanks to their glowing auras, so you shouldn’t miss them if you keep an eye out. It’s worth noting that other players can also grab the eggs that you can see. If you find a quiet spot on the map, it may be worth camping out there and waiting for eggs to spawn instead of taking your chances in the popular areas.

You only need 3 points to earn the badge for this game, so don’t worry about spending ages looking for eggs if it’s not your scene.

Types Of Eggs

Not all eggs are created equal. Some give more points than others, which can get you all of the available rewards faster. The following is a list of the types of eggs available in the Hunt, and how many points each is worth.

  • Catmint Egg – 1 Point
  • Carrion Egg – 1 Point
  • Owltree Egg – 1 Point
  • Moss Egg – 1 Point
  • Explosive Egg – 1 Point
  • Shadowclan Egg – 2 Points
  • Windclan Egg – 2 Points
  • Thunderclan Egg – 2 Points
  • Waterfall Egg – 2 Points
  • Riverclan Egg – 2 Points
  • Moonstone Egg – 4 Points

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