The Phantom X Is Launching In China Next Month

By admin Mar19,2024

We have finally got the scoop regarding Persona 5’s official release date! Yep, it’s dropping on April 12th in China. Persona 5: The Phantom X is gearing up to land on mobile phones, PCs and consoles. It’s been developed by Black Wings Game Studio and published by Perfect World Games with creative inputs from the original Persona makers, Atlus.

What’s The Deal With Persona 5: The Phantom X?

Persona 5: The Phantom X is all going down in an alternate timeline, but it’s hooked to the original game. There’s a mysterious event that’s tangled up the timelines. So, now a character called Wonder has to team up or throwing down against Joker from the Phantom Thieves.

In this game, you play as Wonder and lead the Phantom Thieves through school life and the twists of the Metaverse. You also get to meet a new mascot, Luffy. So, join forces with Motoha Arai, a student from Kokatsu Academy, and duke it out with Shadows lurking in the Metaverse.

Persona 5: The Phantom X gives you a virtual slice of Tokyo, complete with neighbourhoods like Shibuya and Shinjuku. You’ll be dipping into exploration, honing your skills and getting into scraps. You can also hit the books, join a sports team or just hang out with friends.

Is The Phantom X Releasing Globally?

Back in January, the game had its third beta test. That was a great sneak peek for gamers, showing off a part of the game and some fresh faces, like the Phantom Idols. But that brings us back to asking the same question: Is Persona 5: The Phantom X releasing worldwide?

Unfortunately, no word on that yet. We’ll surely keep you in the loop about it. Till then, you can check out the game on the official website of Persona 5. Also, why not try out other new RPG: AFK Arena Sequel, AFK Journey, Set To Drop Later This Month.

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