SCP Roleplay The Hunt Mission Guide – How To Survive SCP-093

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Feature image for our SCP Roleplat The Hunt guide. It shows the NPC Dr John with the SCP-093 artifact.

It’s not easy being a Class-D. You run up against all kinds of nasty things. Even during The Hunt you can’t catch a break. It’s time to dive into the alternate dimension of SCP-093 in search of a relic. I’m sure there’s nothing else waiting for you in there, right. Right? Well, at least our SCP Roleplay The Hunt guide is here to let you know what to expect.

Check out SCP Roleplay on Roblox. Take a look at how you’re doing on your quests in The Hunt experience. Want more Hunt guides? Try our 3008 The Hunt guide.

SCP Roleplay The Hunt Mission Guide

The usual options for playing SCP Roleplay are all there, but you’ll find something else there, too.

Starting The Mission

Head to the character select screen and you’ll see a shiny rainbow option marked ‘Mission’. That’s what you need. Sorry if you were hoping for some task force action, you’re going to be handling this as a Class-D.

You should get spawned into a lobby where you can pick the group size, or try Hardcore mode. Once you’ve selected the mission specifics, you’ll get a briefing. An SCP Foundation scientist will tell you your mission is to head into SCP-093’s alternate dimension and retrieve a relic inside.

The Mission

You’ll hope through the dimensional portal and land in the strange new world. Progress is relatively simple, and outlined below.

  • Open the door via the fuse box puzzle. You need to raise both bars inside the highlighted zones at the same time.
  • Open the door. Once you’re out in the corridor you’ll be attacked. Equip the weapon you spawned in with and attack. Use your run to keep a good distance away.
  • Check inside the rooms for the door combination. Solve another fuse box puzzle, and head outside.
  • Avoid the large creatures and make for the farmhouse. There’s a minigame to break the door.
  • Kill the creatures inside.
  • Shoot the bookcase on the stairs to reach the second floor.
  • There are more monsters on the second.
  • Solve a fuse box puzzle behind a door on the second floor, this should open the basement door.
  • Head into the basement and pick up the relic.
  • Run. Don’t fight. Just run back to the room you spawned in and do NOT stop.


Here are a few pointers if you’re struggling.

  • Don’t worry about dying, you should spawn back in fairly nearby if you’re not playing hardcore.
  • Don’t let yourself get boxed in by the enemies, they will crowd you and shred your health.
  • The large monsters are intimidating but you can stand on the farmhouse porch and still be safe. This is handy for clearing the monsters inside the house.

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