Final Factory’s blend of space station building and exploration will launch in April

By admin Mar14,2024

Final Factory has already impressed via a couple of demos. It’s effectively ‘Factorio in space’: you construct space bases by chaining together machinery, protect by commanding ships and turrets to fight off alien invaders, then explore the galaxy to secure more resources.

It’s now got an Early Access release date: April 9th.

As per the genre stalwarts, everything you do can be automated, and much of the game is about improving the efficiency of your space station and other constructions while advancing through a huge tech tree. You can also design spaceships, build dyson spheres, and command fleets in real-time combat.

According to its Steam page, the current plan is to remain in Early Access for 18 months or so. By the time it reaches 1.0, the hope is to have added multiplayer co-op, one major content update to rework “heat management”, and improvements to UX and performance.

Alas, it seems as if the demo that was available during last month’s Next Fest is gone now.

I played Factorio for one glorious, heady day, then uninstalled it for fear I might never play any other game ever again. Final Factory looks to scratch that same insatiable itch. I think I might like to play it if I was retired and content to accomplish nothing ever again, but as it is, it seems a danger. Or as guides editor Ollie and confirmed Factorio and Dyson Sphere Program-liker put it in emoji form upon watching a Final Factory trailer earlier this year: O.O

By admin

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