Steam’s spring sale is live

By admin Mar14,2024

It’s hard for me to get a read on Steam sales, because my relationship and access to games is defined by my work. So I ask you, as the Steam spring sale starts: are Steam sales as big a deal as they used to be?

This is purely vibes based, but the sense I get is that Steam Next Fest, with its onslaught of demos for new games, is increasingly exciting. Steam sales, meanwhile, seem more routine and underwhelming than ever, because there are so many sales all the time. Not just on Steam, but also on every other storefront – and not just sales, but freebies and giveaways and games added to subscription services and…

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Maybe I’m wrong. Maybe you’re diving into Steam’s spring sale like Scrooge McDuck, swimming through the hundreds (thousands?) of game discounts, money spilling everywhere but into your wallet. The event starts today and runs until March 21st.

75% off Horizon: Zero Dawn Complete Edition, so it’s £10? Not bad. The Saints Row reboot for the price of a paperback? More than half off Star Wars Jedi: Survivor? The deals, they seem substantial, even if my personal excitement for them is dulled by frequency. Even still, 60% off metroidvania Ender Lilies: Quietus Of The Knights might prompt me to give it a go ahead of the release of the sequel.

By admin

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