Tales Of Tanorio Rupture Beginner’s Guide – How To Play The Raid Mechanic

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Feature image for our Tales Of Tanorio rupture beginner's guide. It shows some wild Tanorians in a grassy location.

If you’ve been wandering around Tanorio you might have seen strange fissures on the ground, some with strange energy issuing up from inside. Intrigued? Confused? Well, you’ve just stumbled on a Rupture, and they’re a big deal. You might not be equipped to deal with one off the bat, but it’s definitely worth your time to find out how to handle them. The rewards are very worth it. Our Tales Of Tanorio Rupture Beginner’s guide runs over how to get started, and why you might want to.

You can play Tales of Tanorio right now on Roblox. Want to see what’s on the way? Take a look at our Tales of Tanorio Upcoming Tanorians guide.

Tales Of Tanorio Rupture Beginner’s Guide

Right, let’s tackle any questions you might need to know.

What Are Ruptures?

Ruptures are a kind of special battle, a bit like a Raid, for up to four players. They pit you against a souped-up Tanorian boss, and depending on the difficulty you might find some very rare items as prizes. So naturally, it’s very

How Do I Enter A Rupture?

You might notice if you try and interact with one out in the world to start with, it will tell you that you’re missing a Rupture Survival Kit. You won’t be able to enter Ruptures until you get one. Fortunately you can get one after completing the second gym.

Once you have one you can enter Ruptures, along with up to three other players. Don’t worry if you can’t round up enough help, you’ll get some AI assistance in the fight if you need more people.

What Can I Win From A Rupture?

Rupture victories net you prizes based on a star system. The higher the star rating, the harder the fight, and the better the prizes. You can win many different items, including:

  • Tanocans
  • Potions
  • EXP
  • Incense (Including the rare Conservation Incense.)
  • Essence Stones
  • Mount Saddles
  • Stat Items
  • Berries

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