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Planning to fight against the Heroes Battlegrounds Nomu boss? Have a read of our guide before you dive into it so you’re prepared for the battle to come!

Heroes Battlegrounds is a Roblox game based on the My Hero Academia franchise. Battle it out against a wide range of enemies and head into explosive boss battles that put your skills to the test. Utilise an abundance of abilities, some stronger than others, and strive to become stronger as you progress through. Every character (and their moves) are inspired by familiar faces from MHA!

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Heroes Battlegrounds Nomu

Ready to fight Nomu from My Hero Academia on Roblox? He’s actually called Namu in Heroes Battlegrounds to avoid… certain similarities.

Defeating Nomu

By beating the Nomu boss, you’re rewarded with a 13% mastery boost. A Warp Portal also has a small chance to drop too! The Nomu boss spawns every 60 minutes when you’re playing on a public server. However, he spawns every 30 minutes if you’re on a private server. If you deal the highest amount of damage, you have a higher chance of obtaining the Warp Portal.

How to Defeat Heroes Battlegrounds Nomu

If you do opt to play on a private server, it’s best that you get a group of people together to help out with the battle – it’s a tough one! It’s quite a difficult task if you choose to do it by yourself. Try your best to avoid his attacks as he has a tendency to send you flying into the air. However, you can block some of his attacks.

There are some characters that are best to use when fighting Nomu, such as Split Ice, Green Hero, and Azure Flames. Nomu also attacks at close range, so try to stay as far away as possible when you see him readying for an attack. He even has a pesky AOE attack if you get too close!

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