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Curious about the mysterious Heroes Battlegrounds Gojo NPC? You’re in with a chance of obtaining a free character from him one per day. Luck certainly needs to be on your side though!

Heroes Battlegrounds is a Roblox game based on the My Hero Academia franchise. Battle it out against a wide range of enemies and head into explosive boss battles that put your skills to the test. Utilise an abundance of abilities, some stronger than others, and strive to become stronger as you progress through. Every character (and their moves) are inspired by familiar faces from MHA!

Head to the Heroes Battlegrounds Roblox page to try it out! Looking for similar games? We also have a Heroes Battlegrounds Nomu boss guide that goes over the best ways to beat him. Fan of One Piece? Check out our How to Get Haki in Second Piece guide.

Heroes Battlegrounds Gojo

Yes, that’s right, Gojo has made his way into yet another Roblox anime game. He’s actually a character that you can obtain and utilise, but before that, you need to find the Gojo NPC.

Gojo Moves

  • Collapsing Blue
  • Slap
  • Infinity
  • Awakening
  • Hollow Purple
  • Red
  • Unlimited Void
  • Slap

How to Unlock Gojo

To find the Gojo NPC, you need to search around the walls of the battleground. You’ll find him leaning against one of the walls! Here’s the annoying part: you need to interact with him every 24 hours to be in with a small chance of obtaining his character. And when I say small chance, I mean 1%.

You have to be extremely lucky to get him on the first try, but luckily he’s pretty easy to find. It just means you’ll have to sacrifice a little bit of time per day if you really want it. If a dialogue box pops up that reads “Come back tomorrow for another chance”, you didn’t win the Gojo character on that try, and you’ll have to wait until the next day.

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