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With every new Sols RNG update comes a fresh chance for the developers to push the limits of random luck even further. In Era 5, the Sols RNG Archangel Aura is the new apex of this idea. Read on for a full lowdown on this elusive new Aura.

Sols RNG is a Roblox gacha game distilled down to its purest form. With unlimited rolls and no real distractions, the game simply asks you to get the rarest Auras that you can. Archangel is the new Holy Grail in that regard, and in this guide we’ll teach you everything you need to know about it.

You can start rolling in Sols RNG right now via Roblox. For more on the new Era 5 update, check out our Sols RNG Universe Potion guide.

Complete Sols RNG Archangel Guide

In this guide, we’ll cover what exactly the Archangel Aura is, and go over some tips on how you can roll one for yourself.

What Is Archangel?

Archangel is an ultra-rare Aura in Sols RNG. In fact, at time of writing, it’s the rarest Aura in the game, with a roll chance of just 1 in 250,000,000. For reference, the previous rarest Aura, Impeached, had a 1 in 200,000,000 roll chance, and rolling that was already less likely than winning the lottery.

Thankfully, Archangel brings some serious visual spectacle to warrant that rarity. It adds six glowing wings to your character, a halo, a symbol on the ground, and a flaming sword. It also causes your character to levitate in the air. Note that this doesn’t affect platforming, so you will still need to complete the Basic Blessing Obby challenge as normal.

Tips On Rolling Archangel

So how can you maximise your chances of getting an Archangel yourself? Unlike some of the game’s rarer Auras, Archangel isn’t exclusive to a particular time or Biome, so those don’t affect your chances of rolling it at all. Instead, you’ll need to resort to one of the following methods:

  • Equipping Luck-Boosting Items – There are several items you can craft at Jake’s Workshop that boost your Luck, thus making it more likely that you roll rare Auras like Archangel. These include the Lucky Glove, Solar Device, Eclipse Device, Jackpot Gauntlet, and Exo Gauntlet.
  • Using Potions – Potions can be acquired in two ways. You can pick them up when they spawn randomly on the ground, or craft them at the Stella NPC in the secret cave. These can increase your Luck, in the case of the Lucky Potion, Fortune Potions, and Heavenly Potions, or your roll speed, in the case of the Speed Potion and Haste Potion. Both can help you roll better Auras. We’d recommend saving Speed-boosting Potions until you have a good Luck boost to pair with them, however.
  • Getting A Basic Blessing – Completing the short platforming challenge at the edge of the map will get you a buff called ‘Basic Blessing.’ This increases your Luck by 30% for 60 seconds, and stacks nicely with other Luck boosts to maximise your chances of an Archangel.

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