The PC And Console Shooters We’d Like to See On Android

By admin Feb27,2024

Shooter fans aren’t always eating good on Android. While we’ve got our best Android shooters trying to make up the numbers, there are titles you can find elsewhere that are really good, and still keep missing our favorite platform. So that’s where the list comes in, the PC and console shooters we’d like to see on Android.

We don’t rule the world (yet), but if we did we’d make the developers bring them over as soon as possible. Ah, we can dream. At least Call Of Duty Mobile exists.

PC And Console Shooters We’d Like to See On Android

On with the games!

Destiny Series

To be honest, we’ve been banging on about the potential of a version of Destiny for mobile ever since the original game landed all those years ago. It’s pretty much the perfect fit, especially with the increased oomph of modern phones. Wham a controller on and you’re laughing.


Bulletstorm is one of those big, beefy shooters that have developed something of a cult following over the years. It’s crass and full of gross-out humor, but the shooting here is sublime. Throw in a grappling hook and all manner of extra points for creative slaughter. And then put it in your pocket.


Everyone loves looting, and everyone loves shooting, so it really just makes sense for Borderlands to come to mobile. And we mean proper Borderlands, not the Telltale Games one. Pretty sure the first game would run on a modern Android phone.


The new era of Wolfenstein games has been a pleasant, brutal, and surprisingly engaging surprise. The alternate history WW2 you’re fighting your way through might be full of demons and monsters, but it’s surprisingly nuanced at the same time. And it’d be nice to have that in your pocket, right?

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