BRAND NEW Look INSIDE Disney’s Peter Pan, Frozen, and Tangled Theme Park Expansion Opening in June!

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We’re counting down the days until Disney’s NEWEST theme park expansion, Fantasy Springs at Tokyo DisneySea, opens on June 6th, 2024!


Fantasy Springs features three kingdoms: Rapunzel’s ForestPeter Pan’s Never Land, and Frozen Kingdom. Inside the new lands, there are new rides, attractions, and restaurants, and we just got a brand-new look! 

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Tokyo DisneySea just released NEW videos with looks inside the Tangled, Frozen, and Peter Pan lands coming to Fantasy Springs and we’re sharing some of the highlights!

Frozen Kingdom

Inside Frozen Kingdom, you’ll find a new ride called Anna and Elsa’s Frozen Journey, which takes visitors on a boat ride through the Frozen story. This sounds very similar to the Frozen Ever After ride in EPCOT, but we’ll have to wait and see!


Not only that, but the land will feature two restaurants: the Royal Banquet of Arendelle and Oaken’s OK Foods.

The Royal Banquet of Arendelle is a quick service restaurant that seats about 570 guests, located inside the Arendelle Castle. From what we can tell, there will be a few dining rooms including one reminiscent of the Grand Hall and another that looks like the art gallery.


Disney said, “Guests who visit this restaurant will be able to join the celebratory banquet and enjoy an offering called ‘Arendelle’s Royal Set.’” This meal is served to guests in a basket and has a full spread of appetizers, entrées, and dessert.

Arendelle’s Royal Set

At Oaken’s OK Foods, Oaken’s Yoo-Hoo Bread (Cardamom & Meat) is “a variation on the cardamom rolls, a Scandinavian specialty.” The bread is filled with spiced meat and lingonberry jam.


Check out a full look in the video below!

See Inside Disney’s New Frozen Restaurant Here

Rapunzel’s Forest

Disney shared, “In Rapunzel’s Forest, guests will be transported into the world of the Disney Animation film, Tangled, where the long-haired princess Rapunzel has lived since she was a child.”


Guests will be able to experience Rapunzel’s Lantern Festival — the very first Rapunzel attraction in any Disney park. On the ride, guests will encounter Rapunzel and the legendary thief, Flynn Rider, and see their love blossom at the Lantern Festival.


We’re especially excited about a REAL LIFE Snuggly Duckling restaurant! It’ll be a counter-service spot “where Rapunzel befriends the local rough-and-tumble crowd in the film.” The interior of the restaurant brings to life the world of the film in its rooms, recreating places from the film such as the tavern and stable. Guests can delight in gazing upon the décor, which depicts the happily-ever-after stories of the tavern’s lovable ruffians.

Here it is!!

And, you’ll be able to eat the Duckling’s Dream Cheeseburger, which includes a juicy patty and sausage sandwiched between a yellow duck-colored bun.

That is a BRIGHT yellow bun!

For those with a sweet tooth, the restaurant will offer the Sweet Ever After Dessert (Lemon and Strawberry), which is inspired by Rapunzel’s memorable line from the film, “And we’re living happily ever after.”


This dessert is served in a container shaped like a frying pan, which Rapunzel uses to protect herself in the film. See a preview of the land in this video below.

Check Out Disney’s NEW Snuggly Duckling Restaurant

Peter Pan’s Never Land

Peter Pan’s Never Land “invites guests to explore the world of the Disney Animation film,” and will be home to two attractions and a counter-service restaurant.


In Peter Pan’s Never Land Adventure, guests join Peter Pan, Tinker Bell, and the Lost Kids on an epic adventure through Never Land to rescue John from Captain Hook and his band of pirates.


Fairy Tinker Bell’s Busy Buggies “is an attraction located in Pixie Hollow, the fairy valley in Never Land where Tinker Bell lives. In this attraction, guests board a Busy Buggy, a vehicle made by Tinker Bell, and explore the fairy valley and its changing seasons.”

As far as eats over here go, Lookout Cookout is a hideout created by the Lost Kids that also serves as a counter-service restaurant made from parts of a shipwreck that washed ashore in Never Land.

Lookout Cookout in Fantasy Springs

On the menu are items inspired by the Lost Kids and their self-made hideout, such as Lost Kids’ Snack Box that includes chicken tenders, seaweed fritters, banana chips, and shrimp chips, and a Pixie Dust Soda (Kiwi) that comes with a star-shaped topping that dissolves into the drink, creating a silver sparkling effect inspired by Tinker Bell’s magical pixie dust.

It’s pixie dusted!

See more in Disney’s video below!

We can’t wait to learn more about the new themed lands at Fantasy Springs! Check out more news about the theme park expansion here:

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