Where Is Swampy In Project Slayers?

By admin Feb22,2024
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Trying to give the swamp demon the beat down of his life, but getting turned around finding him? We’ve got you. This guide is out to answer the question, where is Swampy in Project Slayers? We’ve got the location, and what you might be missing.

Project Slayers is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. Based on the popular Demon Slayer series, you’ll be carving out your own story in a world of swordplay, demons, and magic. There’s a big variety of quests to try out! Take the path of the Slayer and fight the demonic hordes with breathing techniques or join the monsters themselves.

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Where Is Swampy In Project Slayers?

Here we’ll go over how to find Swampy.

What You Need To Find Swampy

Before you start you need to have access to the second map in Project Slayers, Ouwohana. To access this map you need to be at least Level 50. Once you meet the requirements for this you can access it via the ‘Play’ option on the main menu. You should get a map screen, and on that map select the option on the right.

How To Find Swampy In Ouwohana

Follow the steps below to find where Swampy is hiding.

  • Head to Wop City in Ouwohana, at night.
  • Head to the Western road out of the city, heading West.
  • Follow the road until you reach a large fountain.
  • Head around to the left of the fountain, towards a large waterfall.
  • Swampy should be stood in front of the waterfall.

There we go. That’s how to find him. Now you’ve just got to beat him in a fight. Good luck!

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