Where Is Giyu In Project Slayers? – Boss Stats + Drops!

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the image shows the front of the butterfly mansion with a png of the giyu boss in the bottom left. The setting of the mansion is dusky with a blue and yellow sky and dull trees scattered around

Want to everybody’s favourite emo from Demon Slayer? My Where is Giyu in Project Slayers guide can help you track down this gloomy hashira so you can confront him in a fight! this guide also contains information on his boss stats and drops, in case you need to know what you’re in for.

Project Slayers takes you into the grim yet fanciful world of Demon Slayer – within Roblox! This eerie title enlists you into the corps to purge the demons who terrorise humanity, or you can go rogue and become a human-hunting demon. Whatever path you choose will be a difficult one full of bloodshed, quests, loot and adventure!

Check out Project Slayers over on Roblox. If you’re after more Project Slayer guides we also covered the Project Slayers Hashibira Clan!

Where Is Giyu In Project Slayers?

Giyu is one of the late-game bosses within Project Slayers. You’ll need strong equipment and plenty of training before taking him on, as Giyu has an abundance of health as well as two guards with a massive aggro range.

You can locate Giyu to the South of the Butterfly Mansion. Obviously, Giyu is based on Giyu from the anime meaning he will come at you with all kinds of water-themed attacks. He has two main abilities within his arsenal Giyu’s Water Katana and Water Breathing, which he unleashes across a variety of attacks

Giyu Boss Stats and Drops!

Onto the stats so you know what you’re up against.

  • HP: 2100
  • Abilities: Giyu’s Water Sword, Water Breathing
  • Location: Butterfly Manion

Giyu Boss Drops

And finally your rewards for surviving the fight! Unless you didn’t get the drop you wanted then… Good luck facing him again.

  • Tier 2 Chest
  • 10% chance to obtain Constant Flux for Water Breathing technique
  • A slim chance of obtaining Giyu Haori and Giyu’s Water Katana
  • Player EXP: 550
  • Mastery EXP: 1050

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