Project Slayers Kamado Clan Guide

By admin Feb22,2024
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Interested in sharing a name with the icon that is Tanjiro? The Project Slayers Kamado Clan is the way to go. If you’re just in it for the buffs though, is it worth a go? No problem, our guide is here to let you know what you get.

Project Slayers is an experience on the popular Roblox platform. Based on the popular Demon Slayer series, you’ll be carving out your own story in a world of swordplay, demons, and magic. There’s a big variety of quests to try out! Take the path of the Slayer and fight the demonic hordes with breathing techniques or join the monsters themselves.

Want to try it for yourself? Check out Roblox. Want some more Project Slayers guides? Try our Project Slayers clan tier list to get an overview of them all.

Project Slayers Kamado Clan

Let’s get down to the details. The Kamado clan is a Supreme-rarity clan, with a 0.1% chance of a Supreme clan appearing on a clan roll, making it one of the rarest clans in the game as of the time of writing.

Kamado Clan Stats

Rolling Kamado nets you the following stat boosts.

  • +140 Health
  • +125 Stamina
  • +3 Strength
  • +3 Sword
  • +3 Block
  • +3 Weapon

Kamado Abilities

Here are the abilities and other bonuses that come with the clan. Some only apply to Slayer characters while others only apply to Demons, so we’ve split those up into their own headings. If you’re in the other faction, you won’t have access to the other buffs. Sorry!

As a Demon Slayer

Playing as a Slayer you get the following buffs:

  • Faster Breathing regeneration.
  • Sun breathing is available as a sub-breathing.

As a Demon

Playing as a demon you get the following buffs:

  • Immunity to the damage effects of sunlight.
  • Ability to regenerate HP in exchange for Stamina.
  • Faster Stamina regeneration. (Handy with the power above!)

Both Slayer And Demon

Slayers and Demons can use these!

  • No slowness debuff on low health.
  • Indomitable Will – Able to release an AoE debuff.
  • See other players’ HP
  • Faster movement speed

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