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By admin Feb22,2024
Feature image for our Sol's RNG Arcane guide. It shows a view of the Arcane: Dark Aura in-game.

Want an Aura with a special trick up its sleeve? The Sol’s RNG Arcane guide goes over all you need to know about the Aura and the power it has.

Sol’s RNG is a Roblox game that really throws you into the thrill of the roll… without the pain of having to part with Robux to roll again. Hit the button to try for a different aura. There are tons to collect, all with different rarities and visual effects. The rarer the aura, the bigger the flex.

Check out the Roblox page for more about Sol’s RNG! If you’re out to keep rolling then take a look at our Sol’s RNG codes guide.

Sol’s RNG Arcane Guide

About Arcane

Arcane, stylized sometimes as A R C A N E is an aura of blue, swirling concentric circles around the user. It has two mutant variations, Arcane Legacy, and Arcane Dark.

Unusually, Arcane also comes with an ability, which is a pretty interesting bonus. Hitting X with the aura equipped lets you blink short distances, quite handy for getting out to the Luck beacon on the floating island.

How To Get Arcane

Arcane is Normal Aura which has a 1 in 1,000,000 chance of appearing on a roll (with no buffs). That’s a pretty rare event.. but there are a few ways to weigh the odds in your favor a little.

There are various ways to boost your chances of rolling a rare Aura.

These include:

  • You get boosted roll every ten rolls.
  • Luck boosts are applied by the devs at certain times, such as for events, or as an apology for downtime.
  • Completing the obby to the green beacon on the floating island.
  • Equipment such as the Luck Glove, and Solar Gauntlet crafted at Jake’s Workshop.
  • Luck potions spawn from time to time in various locations around the map.

Get out biome-hunting and you might not be waiting too long!

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