Project Slayers Wind Breathing Location Guide – The Best Breathing Style For New Players!

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The ability to customise your character’s Breathing Style is one of the most unique aspects of Project Slayers. In this guide, we’ll cover the location of Wind Breathing in Project Slayers, one of the best Styles for the early game.

Project Slayers is a Roblox Action RPG based on the popular Demon Slayer series. As with many Roblox anime games, it gives you an open world to explore and a character to build, with plenty of challenges to keep things interesting. If you’re just starting out, and wondering which Breath Style to go for, then this guide will be a major help on your journey.

You can dive into Project Slayers right now via Roblox. If you want a wind-themed weapon to go with your new Breath Style, then our guide on how to get the War Fans in Project Slayers can help you out.

Project Slayers Wind Breathing Location Guide

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the process of learning the Wind Breathing Breathing Style. We’ll also go over its unique moveset, to show you just how powerful this technique can be.

How To Learn Wind Breathing

To learn Wind Breathing, you’ll first need to talk to an NPC called Jinger. He can be found at his house, north of Kabiwaru Village. If you speak to him, he’ll offer to teach you Wind Breathing, provided you’re at least level 12 and have 5,000 Wen to pay for the training fees.

Once you’re level 12 and you’ve paid Jinger, your training will begin. This takes the form of a series of five Quests, all of which can be easily completed with no pre-requisites. These are as follows:

  • Pulling A Boulder – Jinger will ask you to move a boulder to a designated area nearby.
  • Target Practice – A mini-game where you need to click on targets in quick succession.
  • Building Your Core – A mini-game where you need to press a specific key as fast as possible to perform push-ups and fill up your bar.
  • Training Your Upper Body – Functionally the same as the previous Quest, but instead of doing push-ups you’re cutting a boulder in half instead.
  • Battling Sanemi – Once you’ve cleared all of the above Quests, you’ll need to take on the Wind Trainee Sanemi to finish your training. He’s only a Tier 1 Boss, so he shouldn’t be too difficult.

Once you’ve completed all of the above Quests, Wind Breathing will be yours!

Wind Breathing Moveset

Once you’ve claimed Wind Breathing for your own, you’ll have access to the following special moves:

Move Name Key Used Mastery Required Breath Usage Description
Purifying Wind Z 1 17 A vertical wind slash in front of your character.
Dust Whirlwind Cutter X 15 23 A forward dash that deals damage to anything it touches.
Clean Storm Wind Tree C 22 23 A spin attack that deals damage in a circle around your character.
Black Wind Mountain Mist V 30 29 A wind uppercut that deals damage in front and behind your character.
Cold Mountain Wind B 37 20 A spin attack like Clean Storm Wind Tree, but performed three times in quick succession.
Itaden Typhoon N 50 20 A backwards dash followed by a powerful barrage of wind in front of your character.

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