Anime Last Stand Farm Units – Which Is The Best For Gains?

By admin Feb19,2024

You read the title! My guide covers all the Farm Units and then lists off my choice for the Anime Last Stand Farm Units winner! Well, the true winner is yours to decide based on your gameplay, but that won’t stop me from giving my opinion on who I think is the best Farming Unit in the game.

Anime Last Stand is a tower defence-style game! You enlist miniatures of your favourite characters from a bunch of animes. Each unit fights uniquely which you get to organise through strategy to defend your base from waves of enemies! With PvP, Challenges and even Banners there is so much more to this game than being a simple TD!

Check it out for yourself over on Roblox. We also have an Anime Last Stand Techniques Guide and The BEST Anime Last Stand Tier List.

Anime Last Stand Farm Units

Farming Units don’t plough fields, or enemies for that matter. These units are money makers and generate cash during TD gameplay so you can deploy more towers and upgrade them faster. Whether you use a tower slot on Farm units is your decision, however, as you unlock higher rarity units with more upgrades, you’ll definitely need the extra cash.

These types of units typically enjoy the Entrepreneur Technique. This stat has a 0.3% drop rate so it’ll be hard to spin for. However, the buffs are a match made in heaven for money-gaining units.

  • Damage increases by 15%
  • Range increases by 15%
  • SPA decreases by 15%
  • Crit DMG increases by 25%
  • Money gain increases by 35%

Farming Unit List

There aren’t many Farm units in the game currently, but no doubt more will be added over time. These are the current farmers you can obtain and their rarity level.

  • Speedcart – Mythic
  • Idol – Celestial
  • Pride (Night) – Epic
  • Pride (Starter) – Exotic

Best Farming Unit – Speedcart

Alright onto the controversial subjective section! My favourite, I get to tell you why I’m right and know my stuff. If you read the heading you’ll know my selection for the best goes to Speedcart. He is, in my and plenty of other players’ opinion, the best farming unit!

Speedcart has a low placement of 2, however, this unit makes up for that with really good income rates which only improve as you upgrade him and roll for the recommended Entrepreneur Technique.

By admin

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