Arcane Lineage Thorian, The Rotten Boss Guide – Strategy, Drops, And More!

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Of all the monsters lurking in the dark corners of Arcane Lineage’s world, Thorian, the Rotten may just be the worst. Fear not, however: our complete Arcane Lineage Thorian, the Rotten Boss guide will get you through this perilous encounter.

Arcane Lineage is a faithful translation of classic turn-based RPG mechanics into the realm of Roblox. All the levelling systems, character Classes, side quests and exploration you’d expect are right here for the taking. Of course, Arcane Lineage also preserves the genre’s penchant for powerful Bosses, and Thorian, the Rotten is one of the most dangerous the game has to offer. Let this guide act as a cure for the infectious Plague he brings.

Arcane Lineage is free to play via Roblox. If you’re keen to uncover more of the game’s mysteries, consider checking out our Arcane Lineage Blades of the World guide as well.

Complete Arcane Lineage Thorian, The Rotten Boss Guide

In this guide we’ll cover Thorian’s location, his moveset, strengths, and weaknesses, and the rich rewards you can reap by bringing him down. Before we begin, a word of warning: Thorian is an incredibly difficult opponent, and one you’re very unlikely to defeat on your own. For this reason, we’d recommend bringing a full party of players with you to face him. In terms of level, you should be around 40, with your Super Class chosen and developed. You should also join a Covenant, and Rank up enough to gain access to its special Skills. For this fight, the Way of Life is a better option than the Blades of the World.

Where To Find Thorian

To reach Thorian, you’ll need to head to the Cess Grounds, tucked away in the Deeproot Canopy area. You can find this area west of Caldera Town, over the stone bridge. Despite the thick green fog, you’ll be able to spot Thorian from a distance: he’s not the most subtle creature in the Canopy.

Moveset And Strategy

Now that you know where Thorian is lurking, we’ll cover his moveset, and the strategies you can employ to take him down.

Attack Name Energy Cost Effect
Cess Breath 1 Deals damage to up to four party members. Has a chance to apply Hex or Curse.
Cursed Wave 2 Deals damage to up to three party members. Has a chance to apply Curse.
Hexing Burst 1 Deals low damage to the entire party. Has a chance to apply Hex or Curse.
Warped Crush 0 Deals damage to up to three party members.
Blasphemous Obliteration 5 Deals major damage to the entire party. Also applies Plague, Curse, and Hex.
Note: Thorian will only perform this attack once, when he reaches 50% HP.
Overflowing Curse 0 Applies 1 Plague if you fail the mini-game. A character who reaches four or more Plague this way dies instantly.
Plague Rupture 2 Applies either Weakened, Vulnerable, Curse, or Hex. It applies one status effect for each stack of Plague the target has.

There are a number of key factors to keep in mind when taking on Thorian. Firstly, and most importantly, his Type Immunity Passive Skill. This prevents Thorian from taking damage from two attacks of the same type in a row. This means you’ll need to space out your attacks: hit him with a Physical attack, then a Ranged attack, then a Magical attack, etc. Make sure you arrange your party members in advance so that this is possible.

The next thing to consider is Thorian’s unique Plague status effect. This can be applied both by his Overflowing Curse and Blasphemous Obliteration Skills. If Overflowing Curse causes you to hit five or more Plague stacks, your character will be killed instantly. As long as you don’t fail the Overflowing Curse mini-game, you’ll be fine, but it’s easy to slip up in the heat of battle. For this reason, we’d recommend bringing along one or two party members who can apply the Resist status, which prevents you from accumulating Plague in the first place.

Thorian takes extra damage from Fire and Light-based attacks, so try and weave those into your strategy where you can. He resists every other element, so ensure your whole team can deal Fire or Light damage before you challenge him. His beefy 2,200 HP will take a while to whittle down, so however you slice it this will be a war of attrition. Just keep your head above water with regards to Plague, don’t forget about the Type Immunity ability, and you’ll be fine.

Drops And Rewards

After Thorian finally falls, you’ll receive some well-earned rewards. The following is a complete list of everything he has a chance to drop:

Item Name Item Type
Blightrock Dagger Weapon
Blightwood Staff Weapon
Ring of Blight Accessory
Stellion Core Artifact
Metrom’s Amulet Artifact
Darksigil Artifact
Memory Fragment Pseudo-Artifact
Soul Dust Pseudo-Artifact
Phoenix Tear Pseudo-Artifact
Resplendent Essence Pseudo-Artifact
Lineage Shard Pseudo-Artifact
The Void Key Pseudo-Artifact

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