Roblox The Long Drive Svintusov – How To Survive

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You’re out on your long trip through the country roads to Almaty.. but you’re not alone. Strange figures skulk on the roadsides watching you, and you don’t think their intentions are good ones. These masked horrors are Svintusov, one of the biggest threats in Roblox’s The Long Drive.

The Roblox game The Long Drive takes some inspiration from the Steam game of the same name in terms of basic gameplay mechanics, but the vibes are very different. You’re out to reach Almaty, a safe place 5,000km away, but to get there you need to make it through miles of eerie abandoned countryside full of danger.. as the Svintus close in.

Want to brave the roads yourself? Check out The Long Drive on Roblox. Want something a little less intense? Try out Sol’s RNG Eclipse guide.

The Long Drive Svintusov Survival Guide

So, what do you need to know about these pig-faced threats to your safety?

About Svintusov

Svintusov, or Svintus are pretty easy to recognize, even from a distance. They’re currently the only enemy, and the only NPC out in there in the countryside. They resembled dark, hooded humanoids with one glowing eye and pig masks.

Svintusov will approach you, or the car you’re in and try to attack you, depleting your health on contact. If your health reaches zero.. well you get the idea.

Svintus spawn along the side of the road. Some will appear out in the middle of nowhere, but they’ll often spawn around buildings, making looting and fuelling up dangerous.

Even more worrying, they’ll sometimes spawn in groups of two, or more if spawn points are close together.

How To Kill Svintus

There are two main ways to get Svintusov out of your hair.

The first way is with weapons. These can be found in boxes, but they’re pretty rare so you might go a long way without one.

What’s the other option? Well.. you have a car. Drive toward a Svintus with enough speed and you should make it an Ex-Svintus. You’ll know your attempt on its life is successful as it will scream, freeze in place, and eventually disappear.

Make sure you get enough speed up before ramming one. If you’re going too slowly, you’ll just bounce off the pigman, and the pigman will be dangerously close to your vehicle!

Other Dangers

Svintus are one of the dangers of The Long Drive, but they’re not the only way you can leave your mortal coil.

  • Starvation – Running out of food will cause your health to drain fast. Hunt for food when you get the chance to avoid this grim end.
  • Fall Damage – Hopping off anything too high up is murder on your knees, and your HP bar. Be careful, especially with watchtowers!
  • Energy Drinks – While the Energy Drink item can be great for a speed boost, it also does damage. Be careful about consuming these while injured or the caffeine might be your doom!

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