Rider Blox Codes – Free Perfect Memory!

By admin Jan 30, 2024
Feature image for our Rider Blox codes guide. I shows a Red Dragon Mirror Rider stood on a rooftop against a blue sky.

Want some freebies to fuel your Kamen Rider dreams? Well, you are in the right place. Our Rider Blox codes guide sets out to track down the working promotional codes for the game, and how to turn them into DFs, Perfect Memories, and other goodies. If that sounds good, read on and see what the guide has to offer.

Check out the Roblox page for more about Rider Blox! If you’re scouting around for more Roblox codes, check out our Adventure Piece codes, Blade Ball Codes, and Blair Roblox codes.

Rider Blox Codes

He we’ll put down any codes we happen to find. We try and keep the codes as current as possible, and we’ll remove ones we find are no longer valid. Let us know if we’re off base!

  • duo – 1 Perfect Memory
  • wind – 2 DFs
  • hny2024 – DFs
  • xmasxmas – 3 Xmas Boxes
  • happyhappy – 3 Xmas Boxes
  • huntglobe – Hourglass Globe
  • hunterhunter – 3 DFs
  • reveal – 1 Rush Ticket
  • hunt – 3 DFs
  • kugha – 3 DFs
  • riderblox – 10 DFs
  • haunted – 5 DFs
  • bossrush – 1 Rush Ticket

Rider Blox Codes Redemption

Here are the steps to redeem codes in-game, take a look if you’re struggling!

  • Open Rider Blox.
  • Once loaded into the game area, hit the Menu button in the top left corner.
  • Head to the third option down, marked ‘Redeem Code’ and hir ‘Redeem’.
  • Enter codes into the white text box.
  • Hit the green Redeem button.

Where To Get More Codes

The easiest way to get new codes is bookmarking the guide and checking from time to time. We’ll try and do the legwork so you don’t have to, and add codes when we find them.

The community Discord is a good place to check for new codes on Roblox games, as well as updates on how the development is going and a heads-up on new content.

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