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Is Chai’s fashion sense not doing it for you? Well we’ve put together a Hi-Fi Rush Outfits guide that outlines exactly how to switch up your threads to something more to your taste. 

Hi-Fi Rush is a rhythm-based action game where you’ll be fighting enemies in time with the beat. You’ll need to chain combos together and anticipate attacks that will come in time with the music! The whole thing is rendered in super-stylish cel-shading, and with a game that looks this good, you’ll probably want to look your best too.

If you want to learn more about Hi-Fi Rush Outfits, check out the official site. Or, if you fancy something new to play, check out our Hi-Fi Rush character list, Dead Space marker fragment guide, and Rocket League Sideswipe controller guide.

Hi-Fi Rush Outfits Guide

Now we’ll go over everything you need to know about  Outfits, or the game itself.

What Are Hi-Fi Rush Outfits?

Outfits, or costumes, are new cosmetic items that spruce up different characters. This can include full ensembles, individual items of clothing, hair colors and T-shirt designs.

You get some of these thrown in with the base game, others are packaged with the Deluxe Edition.

How Do I Change  Outfits?

To change costume you’ll first need to complete story mode. Once you’ve done that you can talk to CNMN to open up a costume store and look through the outfit choices for various different characters. This includes 808, because who doesn’t want to put a robot cat in clothes?

What Is Hi-Fi Rush?

Hi-Fi Rush is a game that combines combat and rhythm seamlessly together. You take the role of Chai, a young man who signed up to take part in the Armstrong cyborg program. Unfortunately, his music player falls into the mechanism during the surgery and ends up interacting with his new robot arm.

Labeled ‘defective’ the sinister company behind the implants wants to clear up their mistake, but Chai won’t go down so easily.

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