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Tired of looking for inner peace? Want to go start fights instead? Well, this is the guide for you. Our Murim Cultivation style guide runs over the weapon styles for the Roblox game.

Murim Cultivation is a Roblox martial arts game where you strive to reach inner peace, but also inspire inner panic to your opponents. Break through into higher levels of mastery through meditation, then put your skills to the test in combat.

You can play Murim Cultivation now via Roblox.

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Murim Cultivation Style Guide

Here we’ll outline the answers to any burning questions you might have.

About Styles

Styles in Murim Cultivation refer to weapon usage in the game. Equipping a weapon will change your style, and you can reset back to default by buying a Style Reset.

Style List

Here we’ll outline the styles available.


The style you start out with. Use your fists. Pretty basic.


A basic sword acquired from Randy the Blacksmith in the starting village for 150 Silver. Increased damage over Basic, and fairly fast swings.


A large axe acquired from Randy the Blacksmith in the starting village for 150 Silver. More damage than the sword, but slower swings.


Style is acquired by finding the Tanto Manual. These have a small chance to drop from a Bandit enemy on defeat. Lower damage than the sword, but much faster attacks.


A superior heavy weapon. Small chance to drop from the Dwarf boss near the Demonic Overlord arena.

Angelic Spear

A rare weapon that has a small chance of dropping when defeating the Heavenly Martial Master boss. This has superior range on its side.

Demonic Violence

The strongest weapon Murim Cultivation currently has to offer. You can get it through the Demonic Violence Manual, which is a rare drop on defeating the Demonic Overlord.

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