Ark Battle Girls, A Girls’ Connect-Style RPG, Starts Open Beta Test

By admin Jan 9, 2024

Longcheer Game’s upcoming RPG, Ark Battle Girls, is out for open beta testing exclusively for Android users. Longcheer is the publisher of well-known games like Ollie’s Manor: Pet Farm Sim and Idle Defense: Dark Forest. Keep reading if you want to join the beta test action!

What’s Ark Battle Girls?

In this game, you play as a skywalker forming alliances with Destiny girls to save the world. You select a group of skywalkers and destiny girls to fight the evil. It’s a strategy idle RPG, so combat takes place without much input from you. However, it features a unique combat system with COMBO and Boost setups.

Building higher combos in one round means more damage, so you can use skills strategically within AP limits. Each round lets you grab BOOST, boosting a hero’s skills and making them stronger. Faction attributes add another layer of strategy. To climb ranks in the game, you need to focus on challenging the world boss and dealing more damage.

Ark Battle Girls has lively and youthful character designs and dialogues. The anime-style visuals are cool, with vibrant colours in the castle and ark. You can interact with characters through touch-triggered facial expressions, including shy, happy and angry.

How’s The Open Beta?

The open beta has lots of options, like player versus player (PVP) or player versus environment (PVE) scenarios. There are over 10 gameplay systems to test, from facing bosses to climbing towers for resources. Taking control of multiple fortresses in PVP battles against global opponents shows your dominance.

Sounds interesting? Then, check out the game on the Google Play Store and help the dev team out with your feedback! Don’t miss out on completing the progress challenge as Ark Battle Girls is giving out 60 Free Summon Tickets.

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