Battle In An Arcade Machine In Arcado Champs: Slot Strategy!

By admin Jan 8, 2024

Arcade games? I’m all about them! They remind me of my childhood when my friends and I would spend hours at the local arcade, competing for high scores. So now whenever I hear of a new mobile arcade game hitting the scene, I am definitely up for trying it out. Arcado Champs: Slot Strategy is an upcoming RTS arcade game on Android by Gape Labs.

It’s Full Of Surprises!

Arcado Champs: Slot Strategy is a multiplayer title that blends strategy with RNG elements. You bump into random surprises in an abandoned arcade machine and battle it out in real-time forming your own squad. There’s a slot machine in the arcade, too. Spinning the slot machine can get you special powers and unlockable characters.

You can also upgrade your characters and make them more awesome by merging them. Yes, now that’s a truly unique and fun feature which makes Arcado Champs: Slot Strategy a must-try! But remember that you can only merge similar characters.

Defend your turf from an enemy takeover with the tower defense mechanism in the game. With a diverse range of characters at your disposal, you can strategically build and customize your squad to compete against players worldwide. Team up with friends to climb the leaderboards and claim the ultimate bragging rights. Take a quick look at the game below!

Will You Be Playing Arcado Champs?

Arcado Champs: Slot Strategy is a combination of arcade gaming, tower defense and teamwork. Each squad member plays a crucial role, and everyone must strategically position their champions, use their unique skills, and fortify defenses for epic showdowns.

The tower defense element in the game is pretty intense with every move you make getting counted. Plus, there’s Eldrin, this magician, who guides you on how to master the arcane arts and summon mystical forces. Sounds fun? Get the game from the Google Play Store.

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