Roblox Locked Traits – All Traits Stats and Rarities!

By admin Jan 9, 2024
the image shows a bunch of players in football attire with different auras as they compete in football matches. Each player has a shared expression of determination and focus

If you want to know more about the Roblox Locked Traits from stats to rarities then you’re in the right place! Our guide covers all the different traits you can obtain with their perks and abilities.

Roblox Locked is based on the anime, Blue Lock. This game offers versatility and freedom as players can choose and customise their own game style. Locked is highly mechanical allowing players to design their own Dribble moves and test them out in exciting matches.

You can check out Roblox Locked over on, you guessed it, Roblox! Before you go, why not check out our Sakura Stand Tier List and Sakura Stand Cyberstand 2077 – How To Get Sandevistan?

Roblox Locked Traits

Traits are secondary weapons which players can roll for using a gacha-like system to boost their game capabilities. Each trait has its own unique uses and rarity depending on how efficient it is.

Common Traits – 55%

  • None – No trait, simply
  • Lazy – This trait is rather useless and it makes the player speed slower
  • Tired – Tired trait players experience less stamina and as a result run out of energy quickly
  • Weak – Less shot power
  • Dwarf – The player has a smaller hitbox

Rare Traits – 30%

  • Tireless – Lose stamina slower
  • Heavy – The player is slower but has increased shot power
  • Surf – The player can slide tackle much further
  • Athlete – An overall boost to jump, speed and power
  • Clamps – Larger M2 range
  • Powerhouse – Slightly increases the user shot power
  • Tank – The user gets a larger hitbox in all areas
  • Long Strides – Slightly increases the player’s speed

Exotic Traits – 10%

  • Ripper – When ankle-breaking another player, they will remain rag-dolled for 3 seconds longer than normal
  • Unbreakable – This trait prevents the user from being ankle-broken one time and has a 30-second cooldown between uses
  • Fortune – The user gains 1.5x cash from auto games
  • Bunnys – Receive higher jump power

Legendary Traits – 5%

  • Meta-Vision – The user hitbox is increased in every area including stealing and goal-keeping. Also whilst this trait is active the player cannot be ankle-broken. Once this trait has been used the player’s stamina will be fully drained
  • Golden Zone – Whilst in the penalty area zone shots are heavily empowered
  • Egoist – 4x Ego gain

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