Deadly Company Roblox Monsters Guide

By admin Jan 8, 2024

Ready to head into the abandoned facilities of Deadly Company and not sure what’s lurking down there? Don’t worry, we’ve gone and found out! Our Deadly Company Roblox Monsters guide outlines all the dangerous entities the game has to offer, and tells you how to avoid them.

We might enlighten you about what’s coming in the future, too.

Deadly Company is a Roblox game that nearly completely recreates the multiplayer phenomenon that is Lethal Company. It’s a game where you head out to find scrap in abandoned industrial buildings on desolate moons.

You can play Deadly Company on the Roblox platform. Want some more guides on enemies? Try our Blair Roblox ghost guide.

Deadly Company Roblox Monsters Guide

Here we’ll detail what we know so far.


Do turrets count as a monster? They certainly attack you. These static gun posts will open fire on you if you get into their sight line, with only a short warning to book it out of there. They’re relatively easy to handle if you know they’re there, but they become very dangerous if you turn a corner to come face to face with one.

The Mask

The Mask might look like another item to pick up, but it has sinister intentions. Whatever you do, don’t put it on. It’s immediate death.

Where Are The Other Monsters?

Deadly Company is still in its alpha stage, and as a result, a few features aren’t implemented yet. As of the time of writing there are no other monsters present in Deadly Company. So, if you’re looking to get some Lethal Company practice in without getting mauled by a Thumper, now’s your time.

What Can We Expect In The Future?

News from the developers has outlined plans for several monster types arriving with new updates. It’s unclear if these will all just recreate the Lethal Company monsters, or if the developers plan to release some monsters unique to Deadly Company.

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