Upgrade to a terrific H6Pro headset on the cheap in the US as Epos closes its gaming division

By admin Jan 8, 2024

Danish audio brand Epos is getting out of the gaming space, so its (actually great) headsets are going cheap right now. The H6Pro, a closed-back gaming headset with a neutral sound signature, robust design and wired connectivity is down to $67 at both Best Buy and Amazon US, from an original MSRP of $180.

I recommended the H6Pro for PC gaming over at RPS sister site Eurogamer, where I praised its sound and build quality. I’m also a fan of the flip-to-mute microphone, which sounds good and can be removed entirely if you’ve got a desktop USB or XLR mic, for instance.

The H6Pro is available in both open-back and closed-back designs, with the the closed back design discounted today providing better sound isolation versus the wider sound stage of the open-back model.

The sound here is detailed with a small boost to the bass frequencies, making it good for both critical listening and gaming – have a look at your favourite audiophile’s review for more on this front.

All in all, a solid choice when it cost three figures and an absolute bargain at $67, so do pick one up if you’re interested!

By admin

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