Disney Dream Cruise Ship Capacity — What You Need to Know

By admin Dec 21, 2023

Let’s do a little Disney Cruise daydreaming, shall we?

Disney Dream

Or perhaps you’re doing a little more than daydreaming… maybe you’re in the process of choosing and planning your first or next Disney Cruise! Either way, we’re going to chat today about the fourth ship to join the Disney Cruise Line fleet: the Disney Dream. Specifically, we’re looking at this ship’s capacity, and how it differs from Disney Cruise Line’s classic ships (the Disney Magic and the Disney Wonder) and the Wish Class ships (the Disney Wish and the upcoming Disney Treasure).

Knowing the ship’s guest capacity may be one factor that helps you determine which ship is the best option for you and your traveling crew.

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The Disney Dream is the sister ship to the Disney Fantasy, and joined the fleet in 2012. For a “just the facts” look at the size, the Dream is 1,115 feet long and 216 feet high. (For comparison, the classic ships, the smallest in the fleet, are 984 feet long and 171.5 feet tall. The Disney Wish — the newest ship in the fleet — comes in at 1,119 feet long and 221 feet high.)

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So, how does this impact carrying capacity? Well, the Disney Dream offers 1,250 staterooms and can carry 4,000 passengers! (Again, for comparison, the classic ships can accommodate 2,713 passengers. Meanwhile, the Disney Wish can also carry 4,000 passengers.) 1,458 terrific Crew Members maintain the ship and serve and entertain her guests. So, in total, the Disney Dream can carry 5,458 people.

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Those 1,250 Staterooms are broken down into the following broad categories and percentages:

  • 150 Inside Staterooms (12% of the total staterooms)
  • 1,100 Outside Staterooms (88% of the total staterooms)

Of those Outside Staterooms, 199 are Ocean View (featuring porthole windows), and 901 are Verandah rooms (including 21 suites).

Sooo, what I’m saying is… I think there’s plenty of room for me on an upcoming sailing. 😉 How about you? Before we go…. here’s a DFB Video that might also help you know which Disney Cruise ship is ideal for you!

Learn about the capacity of the Disney Magic HERE!

What You Need to Know About Disney Cruise Line

Are you hoping to set sail on a Disney Cruise? Please let us know with a comment!

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