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By admin Dec 21, 2023

Nacon are a pretty big deal in the gaming hardware sphere. It’s released a slew of headsets, controllers, and even games. It’s the peripherals we want to focus on here though.

It creates so many products we sometimes struggle to cover them all, which is where this Feature comes in. Whenever we get our hands on a new Nacon product, you’ll know about it here. We’ll rate them by Not Recommended, Solid, Recommended, and Must Buy.

The latest product we cover will be at the top, but there’s also a handy table of contents right below these words to jump to whatever item you might want to learn more about.

Nacon Revolution 5 Pro – Price: €229.90 [Available on Nacon site and Amazon]

We were lucky enough to be on a couple of presentations/call with Nacon about the Revolution 5 Pro. We thought a call just about a controller might seem like overkill, but once we got the Revolution 5 Pro in our hands we understood why.

Despite its price this is one of the finest controllers you can buy for the PS5 or PS4 right now, and that isn’t an understatement. Yes, for the price you might expect that. But this still has to deliver, and deliver it does.

The key selling point is the that this the first wireless PS5 controller to use hall-effect joysticks and triggers. This effectively means they’re components that don’t succumb to old age and degradation easily, if at all.

Although we only had a few weeks with the pad we have noticed no issues with the controller in this regard either. What we were more immediately impressed by the way it feels in our hands.

Despite the slightly unsophisticated appearance, the combination of plastics and textured rubber means it feels great to use over long periods. For longer sessions that ran deep into the evening we never felt any discomfort.

The buttons are also satisfying to use, and the analogue sticks make use of hall sensing well – something not even the Sony pro pad can boast.

In terms of features there’s loads here, which isn’t a surprise for a top end controller. There are two stage trigger locks and a range of audio features, as well as an accompanying app. We didn’t use the latter much but it’s nice that it’s there and was easy to use.

Although the Revolution 5 Pro isn’t the prettiest controller it delivers where it matters, and we’re happy to say it justifies its high price tag. More casual gamers might not need this in their arsenal, but for anyone who puts in serious hours on their PS5 or PS4 might well want to consider upgrading to this latest effort from Nacon.

Verdict: Recommended

RIG 600 Pro HS – Price: €99.90 [Available on Nacon site and Amazon]

This is far from being the lowest priced headset from Nacon, but it’s also far from the most expensive. So it’s no real surprise that we think it’s perhaps one of its most crowd pleasing headsets it has created.

Boasting a lot of impressive features for the price – including Dual-Wireless 2.4 GHz and  Bluetooth – it’s also impressively sturdy. We found it comfortable to wear for long periods too, helped by its lower weight.

The sound is a mixed bag, with the Dolby Atmos offering a level of immersion in we didn’t expect for the price. However bass and the equaliser settings aren’t the best, with the former being far too high generally. 

There is the accompanying Android app however, which allows you to customize the headset to your specific desires. We didn’t use this app quite as much as perhaps Nacon would like, but it’s easy enough to use (there isn’t that much to it) and a nice extra.

Ultimately the RIG 600 Pro HS is an impressive headset for its budget, but also generally. 

Although massive audiophiles might have some small issues with some elements of the sound quality it provides, it’s more than good enough for most users and well worth considering if you’re looking for a mid-range priced headset. 

Verdict: Recommended

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