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Our Anime Defenders Worthiness Guide is definitely worth… your time! We’ll go over what Worthiness is, and how you can use it.

To play for yourself, or to get more information, visit the official Roblox website. We also have an Anime Defenders Support Units Guide and an Anime Defenders Trading Guide you can check out!

Anime Defenders Worthiness

Worthiness is only useful if you use Risky Dice to reroll a unit’s grade. The higher the Worthiness of a unit, the better the chance is for you to roll 3 good grades across damage, cooldown and range. After a reroll is done, the Worthiness drains back down to 0, regardless of whether the grades you got are good or bad.

If you want your units to have higher ranks and increase their power, you will have to increase their Worthiness. The higher the percentage of Worthiness a unit has, the more likely you are to get your hands on some higher-grade stats!

If you have a grade you want to keep whilst rerolling the rest, you’ll need to use a Frost Bind to hold the grade in place whilst rerolling the others.

How To Increase Worthiness

If you want to increase your unit’s Worthiness, all you have to do is use them! Use them when you’re in battle. For every 100 units your unit defeats in battle, their Worthiness will increase by 1%. Although this does sound like a lot, it’s great practice for you in battle. It allows you to practice your skills and try different units out.

Worthiness doesn’t translate between units, so if one unit has built up Worthiness, this won’t fluidly apply to a different unit. So, I’d recommend choosing units you want to increase their Worthiness, creating a team, and bringing them into different raids and missions.

Over time, your units will get stronger, and once your units have their Worthiness increased, you can try rerolling for ranks with a higher rarity.

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