Anime Defenders Frost Bind Guide

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Are you in a bind trying to obtain and figure out the Frost Bind item? My Anime Defenders Frost Bind Guide tells you what this item is, its purpose, how to get it and a few more details.

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Anime Defenders Frost Bind Guide

The Frost Bind item is an item used to prevent your unit’s grade from changing during grading rerolls. When you obtain a unit regardless of rarity, it will have randomly assigned grades for Damage, Cooldown and Range.

To improve your units, you need to perform Grade Rerolls, which happen within the Summons room in the main lobby. Simply head over to the Rank Rerolls section and input a unit and Risky Dice to reroll all three ranks.

Inputting a Frost Bind allows you to essentially lock a section of the rerolls. For example, let’s say your unit has A ranking Damage, C ranking Cooldown and D ranking Range. Ideally, you’ll want to keep the Damage stat and not risk something worse. Using a Frost Bind allows you to ‘Freeze’ the stat of your choice whilst the Risky Dice rerolls for the remaining grades.

How To Get Frost Bind

Currently, there are 3 ways to obtain a Frost Bind. Either, complete Missions where Frost Bind shows as a reward option, purchase them using Raid Shards in the Raid Shop or trade for them.

For Missions, you want to make sure that Frost Binds show as a reward and grind that game mode as they have a small drop chance. Not every Mission offers Frost Binds, so be vigilant!

Raids don’t offer Frost Binds for completion, but they do tend to appear in the Raid Shop! If you tackle this tricky game mode solo or with friends, you can exchange your Raid Shards earned from Raids for Frost Binds.

Finally, trading. This could be the easiest or most tricky method of obtainment depending on the types of people you attempt to trade with. To trade, you must be over level 10 before heading into the Trading hub linked to spawn.

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