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By admin Jun5,2024
Feature image for our Fruit Seas materials guide. It shows an inventory full of materials.

Out to collect a few things? Our Fruit Seas materials guide runs over the different materials available in-game and where to find them.

Fruit Seas is available to play on Roblox. We also have a Fruit Seas map guide to help you navigate on your voyage.

Fruit Seas Materials Guide

Here we have the materials, divided by rarity.

Common Materials

The most common ones you’ll find.

  • Copper Nuggets
  • Fiber Ropes
    • Found in Chests
    • Dropped from Angry Chefs, Buggy Desert Brigands, Krieg Pirates, Orange Pirates, Reiner Subordinates, Sand Pirates.
  • Leather
    • Dropped from Angry Chefs, Desert Brigands, Krieg Pirates, Morgan, Reiner, Reiner’s Subordinates, Rogue Officers, Sand Pirates.
  • Wood Plank
    • Dropped by destroying trees.

Uncommon Materials

Frequent, but less regularly seen.

  • Fish Scales
    • Dropped by Fishmen enemies.
  • Gorilla Fur
    • Dropped by King Abu boss.
  • Gunpowder
    • Found in chests in Shell Town.
    • Dropped by Buggy, Desert Brigands, Morgan, Krieg Pirates, Orange Pirates, Rogue Officers, Sand Pirates, Smoke Admiral.
  • Hardened Glass
    • Found in chests.
    • Dropped by Angry Chefs, Desert Brigands, Krieg Pirates, Orange Pirates, Sand Pirates, Smoke Admiral.
  • Steel Alloy
    • Found in chests.
    • Dropped by Guard Captain.
  • Tree Sap
    • Dropped by destroying trees
    • Dropped by enemies on Jungle Island.

Rare Materials

These are a little more tricky to find.

  • Angel Feather
    • Dropped by enemies on Skypia.
  • Aurora Steel
    • Dropped by Guard Captain.
  • Spirit Gem
  • Sunlight Stone
    • Dropped by enemies on Sandora.

Epic Materials

Now these are pretty hard to come by.

  • Dragon Scales
    • Dropped by Sand Dragon boss.
  • Mystic Pearls
    • Dropped by enemies in Skypia.

Legendary Materials

Count yourself lucky if you grab one of these.

  • Diamond
    • Found in Chests.. but not very often!
  • Giant’s Bone
    • Dropped by Kuma, Sand Dragon, Sea Dragon.
  • Timeless Wood
    • Dropped by destroying trees, occasionally.
  • White Plume Essence
    • Dropped by Smoke Admiral boss.

Mythical Materials

Very rare finds!

  • Dragon’s Heartstone
    • Dropped by Sea Dragon boss.
  • Celestial Shard

Other Materials

  • Microchip – Bought in Abandoned Territory.

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