Anime Defenders The Gamer Guide

Feature image for our Anime Defenders The Gamer guide. It shows a selection of banner characters, with The Gamer in shadow at the back.

Want to hear about one of the secret units of Anime Defenders, more specifically one from the iconic Solo Leveling. Well, The Gamer has arisen somewhere in the depths of the gacha. Read along with our Anime Defenders The Gamer guide to get the info.

Anime Defenders is available now on Roblox. We’ve also got an Anime Defenders Flame Dragon King guide.

Anime Defenders The Gamer

First, we’ll talk about how to roll The Gamer, and then go into some useful information about the unit, costs, and evolution.

Rolling The Gamer

The Gamer is a Secret unit, the rarest kind in the game at the moment. You can’t even see the chances of rolling in the gacha when you check it, so we don’t know the exact chances of rolling secret units. We can be pretty sure it’s rarer than Mythics at just 0.25% chance, so safe to say it’s rare. You can only roll The Gamer when he appears on the banner.. but as he appears in shadow it can be tricky to tell! Check out the picture above to see what his silhouette looks like.

About The Gamer

Let’s discuss some useful info on the unit.

  • The Gamer is inspired by Sung Jinwoo from Solo Leveling.
  • The Unit costs 2000Y to summon.
  • You can upgrade The Gamer ten times, for a total of 41,000Y.
  • His attacks pass through for different phases, changing attack types.
    • Small AOE – Level 1, Level 2
    • Medium AOE – Level 3, Level 4
    • Big AOE Circle – Level 7, Level 8
    • Large AOE Circle – Level 9, Level 10
  • You can evolve The Gamer to The Pro Gamer with a Demon Greatsword, you craft a Demon Greatsword with the following ingredients:
    • 9 Red Star Rifts
    • 9 Blue Star Rifts
    • 9 Purple Star Rifts
    • 9 Green Star Rifts
    • 35 Yellow Star Rifts
    • 3 Rainbow Star Rifts
    • 33,000 Gold

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