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By admin Jun5,2024

The Anime Defenders Raids are currently the most difficult game mode in the tower defense title right now! With 25 waves to work through, can you beat it?

Head over to the Anime Defenders Roblox page to learn more! Curious about our top picks for teams and units? Have a read of our Anime Defenders Best Units guide and our Anime Defenders Best Team guide.

Anime Defenders Raids

In Anime Defenders, you can take part in raids! However, your character does need to be level 20+ to be able to take part in this game mode. You also need to pay 3K Gold to get into a singular raid, so make sure you have plenty saved up if you plan to do multiple at once. Once open, the raids are available for a total of 60 minutes, meaning you can join any of the lobbies within that time. After an hour, they close again, and you must then wait another 2 hours for them to reopen.

Keep in mind that raids are only available every 2 hours, and there’s a timer in the Raid area that lets you know how long is left until the next one! These raids are much harder than the other challenges in the game, but they’re worth it for the rewards. I suggest making sure your team is strong enough for this game mode, as you’ll find it quite difficult otherwise. If you have any of the Anime Defenders Meta units, put them on your team!

Raid Rewards and the Raid Shop

Every raid features 25 waves to play through, with plenty of rewards up for grabs upon completion. Some must be purchased in the Raid Shop! This shop can be found within the Raid area, at the end of the corridor. The possible rewards are as follows:

  • Raid Shards (mostly between 30 and 50 – Raid Shards are used to purchase more rewards in the Raid Shop)
  • Gems (used to summon on the banners)
  • The Bear King unit (costs 2K Raid Shards)
  • Frost Binds (used to lock a stat in place so it doesn’t reroll when you use a Risky Dice)
  • and lots more!

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