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Our Anime Defenders Raids Guide will explain what a Raid is, and how you can participate in them for yourself for exclusive rewards and loot.

If you want to play and raid, visit the official Anime Defenders Roblox website! We also have an Anime Defenders Traits Guide and an Anime Defenders Pink Rockstar Guide for you to check out if you’re already a player, or need some extra help.

Anime Defenders Raids

Time to raid!

What Are Raids?

Raids seem similar to missions, letting you test out your battle skills and face enemies head-on! Usually, you play as a group to defeat bosses and enemies, obtaining rewards or achievements after completion. It’s all about teamwork and working collaboratively to defeat anything in the way before the timer expires. Raids typically offer unique rewards from missions such as equipment, EXP, and materials used to further better your build.

How To Join Raids

When you spawn into the game, you will find the raids area to the right. Simply walk over, step into one of the rooms and join a raid. It is important to note that you must be at level 20 or higher to be able to join. To level up, simply participate in the game! Battle it out, go on quests, and collect rewards to level up.

Inside The Raid

Raids offer challenges every two hours, and raid portals will stay open for one hour. For each attempt you make at a raid, you will have to pay 3k Gold to enter.

Raids are made up of 25 waves, and you can earn between 30-50 Raid Shards as a reward upon completion. You can spend these in the Raid Shop to get some great rewards for all your hard work!

If you want to play a raid with friends, simply join the same raid portal to ensure you’re together! Raids can be extremely difficult, and the bosses you face are harder than others in the game. In my opinion, I recommend going in with a friend or two!

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