Anime Defenders Best Team Guide

By admin Jun5,2024

Sure, you could rely on tier lists to give you an idea of the best team, but they’re a little too varied. This Anime Defenders Best Team Guide zones in on the absolute best units in the game so you know who to summon, level, evolve and equip!

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Anime Defenders Best Team Guide

Let me preface by saying you might not agree with my choice for the best team, but I do reckon my picks will be insightful. After all, your preferred team build will depend on your playstyle. This guide also remains updated with the best team through each update, so be sure to bookmark and check back!

Ideally, you’ll want to be level 50+ so that you have every unit slot unlocked. When you first join the game you get 3 unit slots with the rest unlocking at levels 5, 20 and 50. In total, you can have 6 units equipped!

Pink Rockstar – Legendary

Every good team starts with a cash generator unit. Currently, Pink Rockstar is the best farm unit in the game as she offers the most Yen per wave. Not only that, she is the only farm unit to also offer a supporting effect which is a DMG boost to all your other units placed on a field.

Admiral of Ice – Legendary

Aokiji is up next! The Admiral of Ice is considered a META support unit amongst many players. What this means is that he is one of the best support units to enlist in your team. Not only does he enjoy up to 7 upgrades to boost his stats, but he also applies a freeze to enemies in his AoE, allowing other units to cram in lethal attacks and stunt enemy progression.

Cursed Prince – Mythic

I may have some JJK bias, but Cursed Prince is genuinely a goated unit choice. He is the only unit that offers two status effects (Burn and Bleed) to enemies. As well as this, he has one of the best crit builds in the game.

Plus, if you want more out of him, Cursed Prince can be evolved into the Cursed King using x2 Cursed Fingers.

Warrior Princess – Mythic

Warrior Princess, whilst not the rarest on the list may be one of the hardest to obtain. She is obtained through the Limited Banner system and is one of the best units in the game currently. When placed, she enjoys 11 upgrades each better than the last with moveset skills and higher stats.

Warrior Princess may also be evolved to Warrior Queen using a Celestial Sword if you want her to be even stronger!

Flame Dragon King – Mythic

This unit is the BEST burn unit in the game. Even better than the Cursed Prince up top. Burn deals lingering damage to enemies, so the longer and stronger you can inflict a burn the better. Plus, being a Mythical means Flame Dragon King by default is a strong choice.

I hope you’re noticing a theme here. All Mythic units can be evolved which remains true for the Flame Dragon King, who becomes the Flame Dragon God using a Fire Dragon Soul.

The Cursed Knight – Secret

This is the first and only Secret unit I recommend for your team! You’ll struggle to obtain The Cursed Knight, but if you do you’ll be over the moon with his capabilities. He is especially difficult being a Secret Limited Banner unit… So good luck.

The Cursed Knight also evolves to The Cursed Knight (Unlocked) using a Cursed Soul.

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