Anime Defenders Carp Guide – The Best Unit?

By admin Jun5,2024
Feature image for our Anime Defenders Carp guide. It shows a view of the raid area with a red gap in the ceiling.

The man, the myth, the legend. Anime Defenders players speak of him, the man who holds the meta in the palm of his hand. It’s Carp, and he might be one of the most sought-after units in Anime Defenders. Our Anime Defenders Carp guide goes over all the info we’ve got on this unit and how to acquire him in-game.. though you’ll need some luck on your side.

Anime Defenders is available now on Roblox. We’ve also got an Anime Defenders Pink Rockstar guide.

Anime Defenders Carp Guide

First we’ll talk about how to roll Carp, then we’ll go into some details about him as a unit.

Rolling Carp

Carp is a Mythic-rarity character. Mythic means you only get a 0.25% chance to roll one with any individual summon. Though this stat only applies when he’s in the banner, otherwise there’s no chance at all. How do you tell? If he’s in the banner you’ll see him on the summon screen. You can also check in ‘chances’ to see if he’s named there.

About Carp

Let’s cover some useful facts about the unit, like summoning costs, upgrade costs, attack type, evolution items and things like that.

  • Carp is inspired by Monkey D Garp from One Piece.
  • The Unit costs 1500Y to summon.
  • You can upgrade Cap eleven times, for a total of 58,500Y.
  • His attacks pass through five different phases, changing attack types.
    • Small AOE Circle – Level 1, Level 2
    • Medium AOE Circle – Level 3, Level 4
    • Medium AOE Line – Level 5, Level 6
    • Big AOE Circle – Level 7, Level 8
    • Large AOE Circle – Level 9, Level 10, Level 11
  • You can evolve Carp to Prime Carp with a marine Hat, you craft a Marine Hat with the following ingredients:
    • 12 Red Star Rifts
    • 13 Blue Star Rifts
    • 10 Purple Star Rifts
    • 30 Yellow Star Rifts
    • 2 Rainbow Star Rifts
    • 25,000 Gold

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