How To Play That’s Not My Robloxian – A Beginner’s Guide

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Evil clones are on the loose, and you’re just trying to get through your job at a reception desk at an apartment complex. That’s the situation in That’s Not My Robloxian, a Roblox game inspired by That’s Not My Neighbour. It’s a game where you need to use your powers of observation to sort the real residents from the monsters.. and some are more obvious than others. Fortunately, our guide on how to play That’s Not My Robloxian gives you the basic knowledge you need to get clone spotting.

You can play That’s Not My Robloxian for free on Roblox. Want some other guides? Check out our Peroxide Hollow guide.

How To Play That’s Not My Robloxian

The aim in That’s Not My Robloxian is to work out who is a human, and who is a clone from a lineup of Robloxians showing up at your window. How do you find out who is a clone? That’s the tricky part.

The Basics

When a Robloxian shows up at the desk, you need to check several different things that they all match up.

  • The Robloxian – Real Robloxians’ appearance matches up to their photo and descriptions on file. Clones may have some strange features.
  • The Daily List – You can check the daily list to see who you are letting through today. Don’t let anyone else through, even if they don’t seem suspicious in another way.
  • ID – Robloxians should submit an ID. It should match their info.
  • Entry Request – Robloxians should hand you an entry request form.
  • Checklist – You can mark this off to remind yourself what you’ve done, or use it to ask the Robloxian questions about something on the list if it seems wrong.
  • Resident Info – Check the files here for detailed information on each of the residents.
  • Phone – You can call each apartment to check if a Robloxian is home, and call the CAT to dispose of clones.
  • Calendar – Keep an eye on the date to make sure an ID is valid.


Here are all the things you need to check to make sure that the Robloxian is legit. These are the questions to ask yourself.

  • Are they on the list for the day?
  • Do they look like a normal person? Do they have deformed eyes or mouths, is their face upside-down?
  • Do they give you an ID and entry request? (Sometimes a normal Robloxian will just forget.)
  • Does the name and appearance match the ID?
  • Does the ID number match the number in Resident Info?
  • Does the ID have a cat stamp?
  • Is the date on the ID valid compared to the date on the calendar?
  • Does the name on the Entry Request match your records?
  • Does the job on the Entry Request match the Resident Info? (If they have a job.)
  • If an ID or Entry Request isn’t given, do they hand it over when you ask?
  • Is the Robloxian at home if you call their number in Resident Info? (There can’t be two of the same Robloxian in the building!)
  • Does the appearance match Resident Info?

If The Robloxian Looks Normal

If your visitor seems legit, you can hit the yellow button with the lock icon on the right of the desk on to send them on their way. They’ll walk on through and you’ll get your next arrival shortly afterward.

If You Think The Person Is A Clone

If there’s something suspicious about the visitor, follow these steps.

  • Hit the red button on the left of the desk to lower the shutters.
  • Pick up the phone and dial 1188 to call the CAT team.
  • The CAT agents will arrive and dispose of the clone, and they will let you know when it’s clear to carry on.

Just try not to call the CAT agents on any normal people!

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