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In need of a Fruit Seas Race tier list? All races have a drop percentage, except for the Vampire… technically. Each ranking below includes information regarding how rare a race is, the stat boosts provided, and more.

Visit the Fruit Seas Roblox page to sail across the seven seas. Make sure to take a look at our Fruit Seas Haki guide as well, especially if you’re a new player!

Fruit Seas Race Tier List

Whether you’re a Lunarian, Cyborg, or Oni, some are going to be better than others! It’s subjective, of course, but some are undeniably stronger in battle thanks to certain stat boosts.

S Tier

The best races in Fruit Seas due to their stats!

  • Vampire
    • Obtained by consuming Vampire Blood (Lucius boss drop) – read our Fruit Seas Vampire guide to learn more!
    • Critical Chance is increased by 5%
    • HP Regeneration buffed by 15% during the nighttime
    • Lifesteal against NPCs is increased by 10%
    • Lifesteal against players is increased by 5%
  • Lunarian
    • 5% chance of obtainment
    • Burn DMG is doubled
    • Lunarian players are immune to incoming Burn DMG
    • M1 hits have a chance to inflict enemies with Burn
    • 50% chance of obtaining 1 of 2 styles of wings

A Tier

Decent stat boosts overall!

  • Oni
    • 10% chance of obtainment
    • Resistance to Fighting Style DMG gets a 10% buff
    • Resistance to DMG dealt by Sword attack is increased by 10%
    • 20% chance to get 1 of 5 styles of horns (no extra colours for the horns!)

B Tier

Mid-tier, but still pretty good.

  • Mink
    • 15% chance of obtainment
    • Total movement speed gets a 15% buff
    • Stamina stat gets a 15% increase
    • 33% chance to obtain a dog tail and dog ears, goat horns, or a bunny tail and bunny ears
  • Cyborg
    • 5% chance of obtainment
    • Every type of DMG gets a 5% buff
    • 20% chance of getting different eyes, wings, and chest plates (there are 5 variations)
      • There is a 20% chance for these features to be yellow, orange, light blue, green, or blue

C Tier

Situational at best.

  • Skypian
    • 20% chance of obtainment
    • Geppo increased by 1
    • Jump height buffed
    • There is a 50% chance of obtaining 2 different styles of wings, however, all wings are white
  • Fishman
    • 15% chance of obtainment
    • Swimming speed gets a buff
    • Fishmen can swim while equipped with a devil fruit
    • Appearance-wise, Fishman players have a 25% chance to get fins on their back, arms, sideburns, nose, and head
      • 20% chance for the fins to be of any colour, ranging from blue, green, light blue, orange, and yellow

D Tier

Reserved for the starter.

  • Human
    • The starter race
    • 30% chance of obtainment
    • It provides 0 buffs
    • No cosmetic changes

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