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If you’re just not vibing with the Shinigami option, then you may want to be a Quincy in Type Soul. And if you do, then you’ll want to read on for my list of the best Quincy Weapons in Type Soul.

Type Soul is an Action RPG on the Roblox platform. Based on the intricate anime series Bleach, it brings much of the complexity over into the blocky Roblox realm. This includes letting you choose a Race, one of which is the powerful Quincy. If you want to make the most of a Quincy character, then you’ll want to grab the five weapons I’ve listed below.

You can give Type Soul a whirl on Roblox now. For more on the game, check out our Type Soul Soul Ticket guide and our Type Soul Clan tier list.

The 5 Best Quincy Weapons In Type Soul

The following is a list of the 5 best Weapon options for all Quincy players in Type Soul.

5 – Medallion

While quite specific, the Medallion can be incredibly powerful in the right scenario. It allows you to steal a Bankai from a high-Grade Soul Reaper, and use it’s abilities against them. This can result in huge swings in a battle, and can single-handedly win you fights you wouldn’t have otherwise. It has the highest ceiling of any Weapon on this list, but it’s at number 5 due to its niche nature.

4 – Quincy Greatsword

A simple Weapon, but nevertheless highly effective. The Quincy Greatsword has a basic M1 slash attack, and a rapid barrage of strikes for a critical hit. That’s it: simplicity personified. It’ll get you through some fights, though, complementing your flashier skills perfectly.

3 – Quincy Cutlass

Like a mix between the Quincy Claws and the Quincy Greatsword, the Quincy Cutlass is a speedy sword Weapon. It has some flashy combos that incorporate flips, but ultimately it’s just a very solid weapon that attacks quickly and deals good damage.

2 – Quincy Claws

For any fighting game fans out there, this is the Weapon for you. The Quincy Claws only work at close range, but they make up for that with their quick attacks and combo potential. When you need to get up close and personal, this is the Weapon you want.

1 – Quincy Bow/Cross

Probably the best Weapon available to Quincy characters, the Quincy Bow is a fantastic ranged option that lets you control the battlefield from afar. Getting a few hits in on an enemy before they can properly respond feels amazing, and that’s exactly what this Bow allows you to do.

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