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This Fruit Seas Haki Guide tells you how to obtain the two variants of Haki, and what they offer. If you want to take on the strongest bosses and become one of the strongest players you’ll need to learn the art of Haki and apply it to your combat. So, let’s waste no time and get right into it!

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Fruit Seas Haki Guide

Fruit Seas currently hosts two of the three Hakis seen within One Piece, Flow and Armament. Flow takes inspiration from Ken Haki, and Armament takes inspiration from Buso Haki. If you’re curious, the Haki missing from the roster is Conquerors Haki, which in One Piece lore is a rare Haki you’re born with and isn’t learned.

Flow Haki

Flow Haki gives the player a sixth sense, allowing them to effectively dodge and redistribute incoming attacks. This isn’t a guaranteed way to guard as some destructive moves will break your Flow, which then puts you on a 5-second cooldown and you lose one Dodge. Using Flow Haki, you can also break other players’ Flow and doing so will make them lose all their dodges. Plus, the move used will land 15% of its total damage on the opponent. Your Flow regenerates 1 Dodge per 10 seconds when inactive.

How To Get Flow Haki

Flow Haki is also the easiest of the two to obtain. You’ll need to reach Sandora Island (Levels 150-240) and defeat the main boss of this island, Desert King. When you’ve completed those steps, head to the top of the sand pillar and chat with the Fresh NPC who sells you Flow Haki for 200k Beli.

Armament Haki

Armament Haki prides itself on brute strength and is crucial if you plan on fighting Logia-type players or NPCs. Those who eat a Logia fruit cannot be attacked unless you have also eaten a Logia-style fruit or have Armament Haki to bypass their unusual body properties. Armament will buff your raw damage and evolve through stages as you master its technique.

  • First Level – +5% Damage
  • Second Level – +10% Damage
  • Third Level – +15% Damage
  • Fourth Level – +25% Damage
  • Fifth Level – +35% Damage

How To Get Armament Haki

This one is more involved, first head to the Jungle Island (Levels 60-100) and scale one of the cliffs with a discoloured square wall. This darker grey wall is an invisible wall which you can walk through and inside is the Alphirex NPC who gives you a quest before offering you Haki.

Alphirex asks for you to seek out an Ancient Scroll which has the chance to spawn in one of multiple locations:

  • Within the cave at Starter Town beside the Bandit Mini-boss
  • The second floor on the outside of the Baratie
  • Orange Town on the Wooden Tower
  • Shells Town on top of one of the buildings
  • Besides the Dojo teacher within the Jungle

After this, return the Ancient Scroll to Alphirex and the NPC will then offer to teach you Armament Haki.

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