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Are you equally confused about the Slime Slaying Simulator codes function as I am? Codes certainly exist, but where do you redeem them? Let’s find out!

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Slime Slaying Simulator Codes

While there aren’t any codes for the game at the moment, you can still get free rewards via the Free Gifts window. This passively rewards you with a variety of items as you play the game, with a freebie up for grabs every few minutes.

Active Codes

These codes are currently active in Slime Slaying Simulator! If you’re not too sure about how to redeem them, read the instructions in the section below.

  • DU4LW13LD
    • Gem Drop Rate Potions x3
    • 500 Gems
  • 100k_visits
  • Patched
  • 4k_likes
    • Gem Drop Rate Potions x3
    • 2K Gems

How to Redeem Slime Slaying Simulator Codes

Can’t find the redemption function? Don’t worry, all first-time players can’t. While redeeming codes is much easier in other games, Slime Slaying Simulator likes to make it a little more difficult. The only way to redeem codes is by getting through the first boss fight!

Once the Slime Queen boss is defeated, the Settings menu opens. You can’t open up the Settings window unless you manage to defeat the Slime Queen, which takes a bit of time. You need to accumulate a ton of Slime currency to unlock the next area one by one, gradually leading you to the Slime Queen.

When you unlock the Shop menu, you can scroll all the way to the bottom of the window to find a blank text box. Copy and paste a code into said text box and redeem for your freebies!

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