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By admin Jun4,2024

Want to keep up to date with the latest Anime Defenders secret units? I plan to update this guide whenever a new secret unit is added to the tower defense game, so make sure to bookmark this page!

Head to the Anime Defenders page to see which secret unit is available right now! New to the game? Check out our Anime Defenders Traits guide.

Anime Defenders Secret Units

The secret units in Anime Defenders are some of the most sought-after characters. This is because of 2 things: they’re a flex, and they’re pretty good on the battlefield!

How to Get Secret Units

When looking at the summoning banner, you can see a silhouette of a character. This is the banner’s secret unit, hence the shadow! Secret units can either show up on the standard banner or the limited banner, with the latter lasting 14 days instead of an hour. As of the time of writing this guide, the current secret unit on the limited banner is the Cursed Knight.

Keep in mind that all secret units have around a 0.1% chance of dropping when you pull on either banner. If you want to improve your luck, you can purchase luck-boosting items such as the Lucky or Super Lucky Potions. However, these cost you real money, as you’re required to spend Robux on them. There is no pity system for secret units, unlike the Legendary and Mythics.

The Gamer

One of the more popular secret units is The Gamer. Based on Sung Jin Woo (the main character from Solo Leveling), this unit is considered strong but not ‘meta’. You can evolve The Gamer into the Pro Gamer to make him even stronger by using a Demon Great Sword.

Chance Taker

The Chance Taker unit is the second secret character to be added to Anime Defenders. He’s based on a character from Jujutsu Kaisen called Hakari! To evolve Chance Taker, you need to obtain a Roulette Machine to turn him into the Chance King. This unit is available on the standard banner!

Cursed Knight

This unit is available on the current limited banner in-game. He’s based on Igris from Solo Leveling and can be evolved into a more powerful version of himself, although his name doesn’t change like other units. He also unlocks a cosmetic for your avatar, allowing you to look like Igris! As for where he’ll go after the limited banner ends, we’re not sure. He’ll either be added into the general pool for the standard banner, or you’ll have to wait for a rerun.

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