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Want to know more about the Anime Defenders Evolution feature before you delve into it? This guide covers how you can evolve your Mythic and Secret units.

Ready to evolve your top units? Visit the Anime Defenders Roblox page to dive in! To learn more about crafted items, read our Anime Defenders Craftable Items guide.

Anime Defenders Evolution

The act of evolving a unit in Anime Defenders is an important one! Mythic units can evolve into a stronger version of themselves, but you need to craft specific items first. Once evolved, a unit’s name will change as well as its appearance. However, the Secret unit ‘Cursed Knight’ can evolve but his name doesn’t get altered.

So, why evolve? It’s the best way to increase the power of your favourite units, and with Mythic rarity units being some of the best in the game, it’s a bit of a no-brainer. It takes patience to farm the materials needed for each evolution item, but it’s worth it.

For an evolution, you need to collect a specified amount of coloured Star Rifts, including the super rare Rainbow rifts! Every evolution requires at least 1 Rainbow Star Rift, so you’ll be working through a lot of challenges in the hopes of that variation dropping. Luckily for you, we have an Anime Defenders Star Rifts guide!

How to Evolve a Unit

To evolve a unit, you need to make your way to the Summon area in the main lobby. Head to the right, towards the ‘Evolving’ and ‘Crafting’ areas. Interact with the ‘Evolving’ area to select a unit, and its respective crafted item, and then click the ‘Evolve’ button!

The ‘Crafting’ area is used to craft said item, with every unit requiring a specific one. For example, the Donut of Prosperity is used to evolve the Donut Warrior, and so on. Select the item you want to craft to see the crafting recipe, which entails Star Rift colours of varying amounts.

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