IYKYK: Why EPCOT Experts Go to THIS Restaurant for the Best Free Water

By admin May31,2024

Do you know what our number one tip for Disney World in the summer is? Stay hydrated!

Don’t forget your free water

It gets really toasty and really humid in Disney World during those summer months, and that means you’ll be sweating left, right, and center! To keep yourself from getting dehydrated, you’ll want to make sure you’re drinking as much water as you can. Many people choose to bring their own bottles to the parks, but if you forget to pack one, there’s another solution!

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You can get free ice water at any quick service location in Disney World, as well as many snack stands! We use this trick frequently when we’re in the parks to get water that’s fresh and cold.


But one of the best spots to get ice water is in EPCOT! If you head to the China Pavilion and stop by Lotus Blossom, they’ll give you a pre-made cup of ice water with a LID. They also have straws in a container on the counter, so it’s much easier to sip this one on the go, instead of tipping it back and dumping ice in your face.

Lotus Blossom water

There are plenty of spots to get free ice water around Disney World, but they’re not all created equal. Sometimes, we’ve had to wait in long lines to get water at a restaurant, so we generally prefer the spots where we can serve ourselves.

We love a self-serve station

In Magic Kingdom, Casey’s Corner often has self-serve water dispensers out next to the piano during operating hours. We’ve also seen dispensers out and about in other parts of the park during the hotter season, though they aren’t guaranteed. But in this park, you might want to avoid the really busy quick service restaurants if you’re interested in just getting water and going to a snack stand instead — any stand with a drink machine will be able to make you a cup, and the line will likely be shorter.

Casey’s Corner water station

At EPCOT, some of the best spots to grab a refreshing cup are at Spice Road Table, where there’s a self-serve dispenser, and at Sunshine Seasons, where the drink machine is open access. At Sunshine Seasons, you’ll need to show the people at the register that you just got a cup of water, but it’s much quicker than waiting in line for someone to serve you.

Spice Road Table

Hollywood Studios is an absolute treasure-trove of self-serve water dispensers! One of our favorites is located inside BaseLine Tap House and it’s always filled with delicious, cold water. You can also get your fill at Ronto Roasters during its operating hours, and we’ve seen water stations pop up at some other quick service spots on occasion. Hollywood Studios is also home to two Joffrey’s locations, and if their lines aren’t too long, they’re a great option for a hydration fix.

Water Dispenser

Last but not least, we have Animal Kingdom! Here, your self-serve water options are a bit more limited, but the park is littered with small snack stands that make the perfect quick stop. No excuse to avoid hydrating!

Terra Treats in Animal Kingdom

So there you go — some of our best advice for getting water! Don’t forget to pack your water bottle and stay hydrated if you’re going to Disney World this summer. We’ll keep you in the loop with more summer survival tips!

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