Every Millennial Disney Fan Is Buying This New Souvenir at Target

OK, Disney Adults. Today, we’re specifically talking about Millennials. If you grew up with the Disney Channel and watched classic movies like Beauty and the Beast, The Little Mermaid, and Toy Story as a kid, you need to listen up.


Now that you’re all grown up and have adult money, you can go to Target whenever you please. That’s also great news for your inner child because Target and Amazon have some SUPER fun souvenirs you have to see.


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During a recent visit to Target, we spotted just about the funniest Star Wars souvenir EVER. Behold the BEST Chia Pet we’ve EVER seen — inspired by The Mandalorian. We know we’re speaking Millennial language when we say this isn’t just a want. It’s a NEED.


Since we’re friends here, we have to give you the full scoop. After a little digging, we found a BETTER deal online. So, if you’re not planning to visit a Target store any time soon, don’t worry. We’ve got you covered.


Want a better deal? Head to Amazon for this Chia Pet! The set comes with a pottery planter, a plastic drip tray, and chia seed packets for three plantings. This is the way to instantly UPGRADE your house.

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BABY. GROOT. Need we say more? This one also comes with an adorable Groot-shaped pottery planter, a plastic drip tray, and chia seed packets for three plantings. Stick him next to your record player or radio — he loves to dance, after all!

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Stitch fans and Millennials are one and the same. We know a TON of Millennials who LOVE Stitch — and we can’t blame them! He is pretty stinkin’ cute, after all. Despite his hijinks, this little alien is so lovable. And now, you can get your own Stitch Chia Pet! Just don’t tell Stitch — he might try to eat it.

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In the meantime, we’re always on the lookout for the latest Disney souvenirs, so stay tuned for more.

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