Don’t Let It Die, A New Don’t Starve-Like Game, Drops On Android

By admin May30,2024

Don’t Let It Die, the super successful physical board game is now on Android! Brought by (and created by) Thunk Board Games, this one plops you back into the prehistoric era, right when the Neanderthals existed. It’s a strategy game where survival is what they want you to fight for.

Don’t Let It Die!

Your Neanderthal tribe’s future depends on your strategic skills. That’s because a stroke of lightning sets a tree ablaze. And this burning miracle is your ticket to survival because that’s when you and your tribe knows that something like fire even exists.

Now the catch is that you have to catch the fire. Or rather you have to keep the flame alive and not let it die. This has to be done through a brutal onslaught of hunger, predators and Mother Nature herself. As leader of the tribe, it’s all up to you to make sure all this gets done well.

The digital version of Don’t Let It Die faithfully translates the tactile joy of the board game into a smooth experience. In the game, you manage four characters at once. Overall, there are 17+ unique characters who are skilled in different elements.

The resource management system is fun. Wood, meat and berries are your tribe’s lifeline. Then there’s the Fire Knowledge Tree, with its four distinct branches. You collect Fire Knowledge Points to unlock the ‘Fire Starter’ ability and other skills.

Will You Try This Survival Game?

Don’t Let It Die mixes the old-school tabletop charm with new-age digital gaming elements. The game’s free demo gives you a solid taste of what’s in store. And if you yearn for more, you have the option to unlock the full game via an in-app purchase. Alternatively, racking up plenty of in-game currency will unlock the full version too.

Check out the game on the Google Play Store. Will you send your people scurrying for food or gather wood to keep that precious flame roaring?

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