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By admin May30,2024
Feature image for our Demonfall update guide. It shows a player character stood in front of a Sakura tree.

Want to know all of what arrived in the newest update? We’re here to enlighten you.. unless you’re a demon and light is a problem. Our Demonfall update guide runs over all we can find about the content added and changed.

Demonfall is out now on Roblox. We’ve also got a Demonfall Families guide with all the clans and their associated stats.

Demonfall Update Guide

Here are all the additions in the latest update, according to developer posts on the official Demonfall Discord.

New Content

This is the section for any new content or major changes.

  • Flower Breathing added.
  • Stone slayer mark added.
  • Stone icons added.
  • Hantengu BDA icons added,
  • iframe and hyperarmor effects optimized.
  • New data system to reduce ongoing bugs. This resets inventory.
  • Item search rehaul.
  • Dropped items now stack.
  • Day/Night cycle restored.
  • Shockwave rework.
  • Directional movement and inverse kinematics implemented.
  • Item limit no longer global.
  • Male and female torso shapes.
  • All banned accounts unbanned.


Here is where we keep track of any buffs and nerfs, winners and losers.

  • Buffed gourd Breathing XP.
  • Increased Daki M1 Stun and damage.
  • Obi layered slash cooldown reduced.
  • Stone Impale cooldown increased.
  • Cost on all Stone Breathing moves except Stone Mountain increased.
  • Swamp Grab stamina cost increased and damage reduced.
  • Swamp Punch cooldown increased and the stun timer reduced.
  • Burning Bones Summer Sun damage on non-kamados increased and stun timer reduced.


This section covers any fixes to known bugs, glitches, or ongoing issues that have arisen in-game.

  • Fixed katana M2 glitch.
  • Fixed Kokushibo NPC glitches.
  • Fixed Rescue Crow quest.
  • Fixed Stone Impale bugs.
  • Fixed Gyutaro bugs.
  • Fixed shop clothes not refreshing.
  • Fixed tutorial bugs.
  • Fixed Grimm and Urokodaki pathfinding glitch.
  • Fixed Akaza.
  • Fixed Slayer Raids NPC hitbox glitch.
  • Fixed Burning Bones Summer Sun bug.
  • Fixed Frosty Oni.
  • Fixed Swamp Grab.
  • Fixed countdown bug.
  • Fixed Third Fang.
  • Craft items fixed.
  • Fixed demon history first mission.
  • Fixed dialogue answers bugs.
  • Fixed Agatsuma and Slayer mark unkillable bug.

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