Demon Piece Weapons Tier List

By admin May30,2024
Feature image for our Demon Piece Weapons Tier List shows my avatar who wears all black performing an upwards cut with a cutlas sword.

This Demon Piece Weapons Tier List ranks all handheld combat weapons from mega to mid. If you’re after a primary or even secondary combat choice, this tier list can help you choose the very best.

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Demon Piece Weapons Tier List (May 2024)

Not all players use weapons, some prefer alternative fighting styles and fruits. But, having a weapon even as a secondary option is always handy! Weapons are typically obtained through crafting, shops and defeating bosses, so you have options when obtaining one.


OP! These weapons are the best of the best.

  • Forest Nymphs
  • Nightshade
  • Darkblade
  • Tidebreaker
  • Shark Saw


Great alternatives if you don’t have access to those in S-Tier. These weapons are still strong and reliable, just not the absolute best.

  • Golden Staff
  • Seirei
  • Holy Book
  • Skyborne Lance
  • Sandai
  • Golden Hook


Average weapons that can hold their own, nothing too special though.

  • Captain’s Rapier
  • Scimitar Daggers
  • Pipe
  • Behemoth Cleaver
  • Jitte
  • Metal Bat


Weaker weaponry with less capability in battle. Not good overall, better for beginners.

  • Blast Cannon
  • Longsword
  • Cannon
  • Warrior’s Spear
  • Axe-hand
  • Katana
  • Iron Mace


I would not recommend these weapons at all.

  • Musket
  • Flintlock
  • Cutlass
  • Wooden Staff

Full Weapons Master List

This section lists every available weapon including those not yet filtered into the rankings. Those exempt from the ranks haven’t been tested yet, so I’m not sure where to slot them into the tier. Check back for updates on when new and existing weapons move around the tier with each Demon Piece update.

  • Wooden Staff (Common)
  • Cutlass (Common)
  • Flintlock (Common)
  • Iron Mace (Uncommon)
  • Katana (Uncommon)
  • Musket (Uncommon)
  • Axe-hand (Uncommon)
  • Warrior’s Spear (Uncommon)
  • Cannon (Rare)
  • Jitte (Rare)
  • Longsword (Rare)
  • Pipe (Rare)
  • Blast Cannon (Epic)
  • Scimitar Daggers (Epic)
  • Golden Hook (Epic)
  • Captain’s Rapier (Epic)
  • Sandai (Epic)
  • Skyborne Lance (Legendary)
  • Shark Saw (Legendary)
  • Tidebreaker (Mythical)
  • Holy Book (Mythical)
  • Golden Staff (Mthical)
  • Darkblade (Mythical)
  • Forest Nymphs (Unique)

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